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Angel’s Movie Review - Legends of Oz: Dorothy’s Return

Legends of Oz: Dorothy’s Return(Jun 14, 2013)
Director:Will Finn, Dan St. Pierre Producers: Roland Carroll, Ryan Carroll, Bonne Radford,
CG, Musical,
Key Words:Adaptation, Classic,
Studio: Rich Animation Studio, Licensed American Publisher: Summertime Entertainment

Time: 87 mins
When the tornado destroys Dorothy Gale’s home, all seems lost when she is forced to move out. That’s when it turns out her friends are having problems as well and need Dorothy to come help fight the brother to the Wicked Witch, the Jester. Can she save her home and Oz?

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Kurai’s Anime Review - Devil May Cry: The Animated Series

Devil May Cry: The Animated Series(June 14, 2007 – Sep 6, 2007),
Director: Shin Itagaki
Action, Horror, Supernatural, Urban Fantasy
Key Words: Demons, Devils, Swordsman, Guns, Video Game,
Studio: Madhouse Licensed American Publisher: Funimation Entertainment

Episodes: 12

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Got a Question…

who actually uses my list of reviews on the side pages? I’m wondering if I should not worry about posting them anymore since there is so many so who actually uses them?

Akuma’s Manga Review - &Dropout

&Dropout, , ()
Author: Tomoe (II)
One Shot, Comedy, Romance, Sci-fi,
Key Words:Yuri,
Magazine: Publisher: American Publisher:

Book Volumes: 1

Momose Anzu was an ordinary middle schooler whose brother’s botched experiment made her irresistible to females.

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Angel’s One Shot Manga Review - Separated

Separated, , (2008)
Author: Oga
Supernatural, One shot,
Key Words:Horror, Ghosts,
Magazine: Publisher: American Publisher:

Book Volumes: 1

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Angel’s Anime Review - Rurouni Kenshin

Rurouni Kenshin, (Jan 10, 1996 – Sep 8, 1998)
Director: Kazuhiro Furuhashi Written by: Music: Noriyuki Asakura
Chanbara, Comedy, Drama,
Key Words: Samurai, Meiji Era,
Studio: Studio Gallop (1-65), Studio Deen (65-95) Licensed American Publisher: Aniplex of America, Madman Entertainment

Episodes: 95

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Angel's Reviews now on IMBD

Decided to get on IMBD and watch some real life stuff. Be surprised, some is pretty good. I’m still into Anime and Manga but have not had much time to review them.

Akuma’s Movie Review - The Swan Princess

The Swan Princess(Nov 18, 1994)
Director:Richard Rich Producers: Jared F. Brown, Richard Rich
Musical, Comedy, Fantasy, Romance,
Key Words:Adaptation, Classic,
Studio: Rich Animation Studio, Licensed American Publisher:

Time: 90 mins

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Anonymous said: Should I blame the Beatles, D&D, and Slenderman for the murders that have a occurred?


Ohhhh nice try, pal, I know where this question is leading. 

Whenever someone is stabbed, shot, or otherwise damaged by another person, the fault lies with that person doing the assaulting. However, the reasons they do these things are influenced by what they put in there. If they spend all day thinking about how cool it would be to be an Conan-style barbarian who whacks people in half with a sword day in and day out, then if they’ve got a head full of wiring that’d influence them to do so, that’s how it’d come out. Similarly, if they’ve been spending all day with a bunch of scrubs who talk about how women/gays/blacks/jews/liberals/anyone else are the enemy, then the likelihood of a crime being committed against those people increases. 

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